Parent Summit 2018

By Southview Alliance Church (other events)

Saturday, February 24 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

At Parent Summit we hope to help parents accomplish 3 important tasks:

  • Discover where their children are currently on the path of spiritual milestones.
  • Learn how to lead their children spiritually toward the next milestone.
  • Acquire resources that will help them in their specific journey on the legacy path.

To do this we host a general sessions with everyone together.  We have a speaker, Alice Kung from Ambrose University, that will serve to encourage and motivate parents to own their responsibility as primary faith trainers for their children.  After the first general session we offer breakout sessions.These breakout sessions offer seminars supporting each milestone.  We ask parents to take a seminar a year or so ahead of their child or teenagers current place on the path.  Then we use the seminar to equip them to lead  intentional faith talks, capture God moments, and Celebrate the coming milestone in a memorable way.